martes, abril 25, 2006

24 de octubre, 1971

The words of Pau Casals at the UNO:
"This is the greatest honour of my life.
What is more, I am a Catalan. Today, a province of Spain. But what has been Catalonia? Catalonia has been the greatest nation in the world (sic). I will tell you why. Catalonia has had the first parliament, much before England (sic). Catalonia had the first United Nations. All the authorities of Catalonia in the Eleventh Century met in a city of France, at that time Catalonia (¡los países catalanes, coño!), to speak about peace, at the Eleventh Century. Peace in the world and against, against, against war, the inhumanity of the wars. [...]
I have not played the cello in public for many years, but I feel that the time has come to play again. I am going to play a melody from Catalan folklore: El cant dels ocells. Birds sing when they are in the sky, they sing: "Peace, peace, peace", and it is a melody that Bach, Beethoven and all the greats would have admired and loved. What is more, it is born in the soul of my people, Catalonia".

Lo siento mucho, y desde el respeto y la admiración que siento por uno de los más grandes, pero... Te dan uno de los mayores galardones civiles que se pueden recibir, y te dedicas a ensalzar una nación (?), como un Bargalló cualquiera, y a decir cursiladas...
¿Qué lleva el catering de la ONU?